Catalogue 2019/20

Our new 2019/20 catalogue has arrived!
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Traditionally our new catalogue features a number of new products that are added to our range.

New Arrivals

Discover the products that are already available from our warehouse.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a very important and common device to check patient’s blood-oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. As a small, compact, simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device, it greatly enhances patient’s care.

08-070201 – Fingertip Pulse Oximeter | OLED | Low-power consumption | 2 x AAA

Infrared Thermometer

The Infrared Thermometer is used for measuring body temperature by two-in-one functions: Ear and Forehead temperature. It is suitable for medical unit and home use.

08-070301 – Infrared Thermometer | Ear & Forehead auto-sensing | 2 x AAA

Constant Force X-Tend

The Constant Force X-Tend uses retractable-based resistance, which keeps a constant level of resistance from start to finish. Ergonomic in design, the Constant Force X-Tend works the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Extensors of the hand and can isolate MP/PIP/DIP joint motion. It also allows each finger to exercise independently with smooth, consistent resistance, thus improving range of motion, endurance, strength and dexterity more effectively.

02-100403 – Constant Force X-Tend | Light | 0,11kg
02-100404 – Constant Force X-Tend | Medium | 0,18kg
02-100405 – Constant Force X-Tend | Heavy | 0,27kg

Multi-Grip Exerciser

The Multi-Grip Exerciser provides unlimited exercise options to users who want to do various high impact performance exercises. Each exerciser contains both large and small loops that are easy to grip. Use the small loops as an anchor or for finger exercises. Use the larger loops around the hands and feet to perform high impact upper and lower body exercises.

01-703001 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | XX-Light
01-703002 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | X-Light
01-703003 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | Light
01-703004 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | Medium
01-703005 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | Heavy
01-703006 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | X-Heavy
01-703007 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | XX-Heavy
01-703008 – Multi-Grip Exerciser | XXX-Heavy

TENS Device

Using electrodes, the TENS device delivers electrical pulses to nerve fibres below the skin,  providing targeted pain relief by blocking pain signals to the brain and stimulating the production of endorphins, the body’s own painkillers. Amplitude, duration, and modulation can be altered with the easy-to-use controls and a slide-cover protects accidental changes to user-settings.

08-070401 – TENS device | 2-Channel Professional TENS unit
08-070411 – TENS device | Replacement TENS Electrode – 4 piece set

Medica 2019

Medica, world’s leading medical trade fair, is just around the corner. Come and meet us at our newly designed booth! We will welcome you with our complete range of resistive exercise products and other physiotherapy products. If you have a suggestion, are looking for a specific product or in need of a private label product, don’t be shy to ask. We are happy to help you with anything.

Our MoVeS Bands and Tubes are the centerpiece of our booth. We will also show our new products such as the MoVeS Wide Loops, MoVeS XXL Hot/Cold Pack, MoVeS Tea Tree Green Paraffin and Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band. Additionally, we will put the Dynatomy products in the spotlights:

  • The new and unique Constant Force X-Tend finger trainer
  • The Varigrip Therapy with resistance adjustable per finger
  • The Varigrip Uno per finger flexion and extension

Other new products we will bring along are:

  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • MultiGrip Exerciser
  • TENS Device

As you can see, we’ve got much to tell and show you, so don’t miss out and drop by: you’ll find us in Hall 4, D21 (our usual spot).

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