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Traditionally our new catalogue features a number of new products that are added to our range.

New Arrivals

Discover the products that will become available from our warehouse.


Wheeleo is a unique quadripod rolling cane used to improve mobility, safety and autonomy. It is designed to offer help without stigmatising the disability of its user. The Wheeleo is used with one hand. Utra-intuitive, its user will always position it in the right place. Thanks to its 4 wheels, you do not have to lift it. Important feature is that it does not require brakes.

03-060101 – Wheeleo

Shotgun Thermometer

Shotgun Thermometer measures your body temperature without direct contact with the skin. It can measure between 5-15 cm from the surface skin thanks to infrared thermal detection systems. Shotgun Thermometer is faster and safer than f.i. oral thermometer, that requires physical contact and increases the risk of spreading infection.

08-070303 – Infrared Thermometer | Shotgun | Forehead auto-sensing | 2 x AAA

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Junior

Junior Oximeter, rechargeable and with OLED-screen, is specifically designed for kids. A pulse oximeter is an important and common device to check patient’s blood-oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. As a small, compact, simple reliable and durable physiological monitoring device, the pulse oximeter enhances patient care.

08-070202 – Fingertip Pulse Oximeter | Junior | OLED | Rechargeable

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor is used for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate. It consists of a monitor and a cuff for the arm. It is suitable for people older than 12 years. Home blood pressure monitoring is essential to preventing heart disease and strokes. It is easy to use, portable and it indicates blood pressure level in 4 colours.

08-070501 – Blood Pressure Monitor + Cuff

MoVeS Dejerine Hammer

MoVeS Dejerine Hammer is a neurological reflex instrument. The hammer is used for testing deep tendon reflexes in a diagnostic evaluation. It features a double-sided head composed of two rounded rubber surfaces for increased patient comfort. This hammer includes a slim neck that flares into a wider handle for improved gripping.

08-050104 – MoVeS Dejerine Hammer 

MoVeS Troemner Hammer

MoVeS Troemner Hammer is a neurological reflex instrument. The hammer is shaped like a two-headed mallet. The larger mallet is used to elicit tendon stretch reflexes and the smaller mallet is used to elicit percussion myotonia. This hammer includes a slim neck that flares into a wider handle for improved gripping.

08-050105 – MoVeS Troemner Hammer 

MoVeS PearlPack – Knee/Elbow

MoVeS PearlPack Knee/Elbow offers a solution for Hot/Cold therapy on the knee or elbow joints. The large opening ensures that your knee or elbow remains free and can continue to move freely, while the Pearl technology sends direct relief to the pain. The flexible velcro strap keeps the pack firmly in place.

07-040301 – MoVeS PearlPack – Knee/Elbow 

Mambo Max Spiky Foam Roller

Mambo Max Spiky Foam Roller is designed for deeper massage and acupressure therapy. The spikes make it possible to get deeper into the muscles to relieve tension tension and soreness and to improve mobility. It also has a bi-directional zone for comfort. The Spiky Foam Roller is mainly used for stretching, self-massage, body support and stability exercises.

04-050103 – Mambo Max Spiky Foam Roller 

Knobble® II 

Knobble® II is a massage tool made of durable polymer with a band of non-latex. It gives your hand more power when you need it. Use either the tip or the base for applying pressure on yourself or others. Knobble®  does not replace your healing hands, it just helps them to do more and last longer. They are available in 4 colours: blue, green, purple and red.

04-031105 – Knobble II

Electric Compressor Pump

The Electric Compressor Pump is a compact oil-free diaphragm compressor with integrated pressure gauge, able to run for +/- 2 hours with an automatic reset thermal overload protector. Perfect for inflating balls, but also bicycle and car tires, air mattresses and inflatable toys. The compressor has a plastic case with carry handle and comes with valve set.

05-020205 – Electric Compressor Pump 

MoVeS Band & Tubing Scissors

The MoVeS Band & Tubing Scissors are an accessory for our MoVeS (Latex-Free) Bands, MoVeS F!T Bands and MoVeS (F!T) Tubes. They cut smoothly through the band/tube without weakening the fabric. Blades are made from stainless steel and grip is made of plastic. The scissors are individually packed in pouches.

01-300106 – MoVeS Band & Tubing Scissors


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