• BIMS Digital Dynamometer 3-piece hand set
  • Baseline BIMS digital dynamometer pinch deluxe
  • Baseline BIMS digital dynamometer pinch clinical
  • Baseline BIMS digital dynamometer pinch functional
  • Baseline BIMS grip functional
  • Baseline BIMS grip deluxe

Baseline BIMS digital 5-position dynamometers

  • Extended testing capacity (135 kg grip (300 lb) / 45 kg (100 lb) pinch) is designed for the strongest and weakest patients
  • Measures force consistently with ±1% accuracy
  • Color LCD display graphically shows results
  • Numerous testing protocols for advanced testing
  • 5-position hand grip accommodates different hand sizes and tests
  • Results saved on device with memory for over 1,000 patients
  • 3 models available to suit your needs

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  • Adjustable 5-position handle fi ts all size hands
  • Accurate and repeatable grip and pinch strength measurements
  • Grip dynamometers have an extended testing capacity that measures grip strength up to 135 kg (300 lbs)
  • Pinch dynamometers measure pinch strength up to 45 kg (100 lbs)
  • Subject/Test information can be inputted at time of test: dominant hand, handle position, exertion/rest times, units (lb/kg)

Test protocols

  • Live Test: Shows real time and maximum value. Test result is not stored
  • Quick Test: Shows real time and maximum value. Maximum is stored
  • GST (General Strength Test): 3 tests are performed at the same handle position. Peak, mean, SD,and COV are stored
  • RET (Rapid Exchange Test): 6 tests (alternating hands) are performed at the same handle position
  • MMVE (Modified Maximum Voluntary Effort Test): 5 tests areperformed; 1 at each handle position
  • MVE (Maximum Voluntary Effort Test): 15 tests are performed per hand; 3 at each handle position
  • Fatigue (Work Test): 1 extended time test is performed. Results can be used to compare strength exerted (total work performed) over 2 or more user defined time periods

Purchase the dynamometer that meets your practice needs: functional, clinic or deluxe!

Functional Model
This model does everything a standard hydraulic dynamometer can do with greater accuracy and repeatability. Use to view live strength readings with the Max Force test.

Clinic Model
This model is ideal for clinic practitioners to perform timed tests which are calculated and saved on the device. It includes the Max Force, Quick, and GST tests.

Deluxe Model
This model expands upon the Clinic model and includes more advanced timed tests that are ideal for research applications, Workers’ Compensation, FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) and day-to-day testing. It includes Max Force, Quick, GST, RET, MMVE, MVE, and Fatigue tests.


Functional Model
12-0072 grip (135 kg / 300 lb)
12-0082 pinch (45 kg / 100 lb)
12-0092 3-piece hand set
Clinical Model
12-0070 grip (135 kg / 300 lb)
12-0080 pinch (45 kg / 100 lb)
12-0090 3-piece hand set
Deluxe Model
12-0071 grip (135 kg / 300 lb)
12-0081 pinch (45 kg / 100 lb)
12-0091 3-piece hand set