• F!T Loops with mesh bag

MoVeS F!T Loop

The MoVeS F!T Loop is easy to use and perfect for stretching and strengthening all muscle groups. It contains the same high quality as the regular MoVeS Loops, but comes in a different colour sequence. Loop set of 4 resistances is now available in a compact mesh bag, very useful to bring along wherever you go.

MoVeS F!T Loop Lime Green


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The brand new MoVeS F!T Loop Set is truly a gym in a bag. The handy and good-looking mesh bag contains four quality MoVeS F!T Loops with each a different resistance and a manual. As a result, these are perfect to train many different muscles from your body: arm curl (biceps), external rotation (shoulder), squats (thighs)…

Because MoVeS F!T Loops are multi-layered, they result in a more durable product. These thicker loops won’t roll-up during exercising, avoiding the uncomfortable feeling from wider alternatives.

Our MoVeS Loops are also available in Original colours.

MoVeS F!T Loops:

  • High quality, cost effective and easy to use!
  • Lay-flat-length: 30cm
MoVeS F!T Loop
Reference Colour Resistance Unit
01-110002 Peach Light 10pcs
01-110003 Orange Medium 10pcs
01-110004 Lime Green Heavy 10pcs
01-110005 Blueberry Extra Heavy 10pcs
01-110011 Peach to Blueberry Light to Extra Heavy Set / 4pcs