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Handmaster Plus

The Handmaster Plus strengthens the 9 muscles that close the hand as well as the 9 muscles that open the hand.

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Handmaster Plus strengthens the 18 hand muscles using one convenient continuous, easy-to-understand exercise. Therefore, there is no need for multiple hand exercises or grip strengthening devices. Handmaster Plus combines 4 exercises into 1. Thus, no wasted effort, no segmented routines, no confusion.

To maximize grip strength, the 9 muscles that ‘open’ the hand must be strengthened and balanced with the 9 muscles that ‘close’ the hand.
Modern studies on grip strengtheners clearly illustrate that the ‘hand-opening muscles’ (grip stabilizers) act to ‘stabilize’ the ‘hand-closing muscles’ (grip action muscles) during all grip related activities. This is new technology that only we have researched to this degree. Hence, if you are neglecting to train the hand opening muscles (extensors & abductors) directly, you are limiting strength, stability and performance at the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow.

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Handmaster Plus
Reference Resistance Colour (Ball / Cord)
02-050102 Soft Purple / Yellow
02-050103 Medium Red / Black
02-050104 Firm Orange / Grey
02-050111 Handmaster Plus | Set of 3 (one of each level)