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MoVeS F!T Band

MoVeS F!T Band is a low powder latex resistive exercise band with the same premium quality as the original MoVeS Band. The difference is purely the alternative, more trendy colour sequence.

F!T Band packaging

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MoVeS F!T Band is a low powder latex fitness band for resistive exercise. The band has the same premium quality as the original MoVeS Band. Therefore, the only difference is the alternative, more trendy colour sequence. This fitness band comes in 6 different resistance levels. In addition, MoVeS F!T Band is available in 4 different lengths. Because the band contains less than 2mg/dm², it’s officially powder-free.

Our high quality 1,5m and 2,5m MoVeS F!T Band come in retail packs. 10 pre-cut pieces of the same resistance or 5 pieces of different resistance that come in separate polybags with header for easy dispensing. Because no cutting is required, they are easy to use. Each packaging also includes a full-colour manual.  Finally, the available colours are peach, orange, lime green, blueberry, plum and grey.

Snap-Stop for safer resistive exercising.

MoVeS F!T Band
Colour Resistance 1,5m – 10pack 2,5m – 10pack
Peach Light 01-111502 01-110202
Orange Medium 01-111503 01-110203
Lime Green Heavy 01-111504 01-110204
Blueberry Extra Heavy 01-111505 01-110205
Plum Special Heavy 01-111506 01-110206
Grey Super Heavy 01-111507 01-110207
Set of 5 resistances 01-111511 01-110211


MoVeS F!T Band
Colour Resistance 5,5m 22,5m 45,5m
Peach Light 01-110502 n/a 01-114502
Orange Medium 01-110503 n/a 01-114503
Lime Green Heavy 01-110504 n/a 01-114504
Blueberry Extra Heavy 01-110505 n/a 01-114505
Plum Special Heavy 01-110506 n/a 01-114506
Grey Super Heavy 01-110507 01-112207 n/a