• PearlPack Back Wrap

MoVes Pearlpack: Back Strap

MoVeS PearlPack Back Wrap s a reusable Hot/Cold pack for the back. The pack conforms to your body and the Pearl technology sends direct relief to the pain. 


MoVeS PearlPack Back Strap is a large pack divided in 3 segments and equipped with a velco strap. It fits perfectly around the patient’s waist for an optimal  pain relief on the back. The pearls can be pushed from one segment to another if one area of the back needs less or more thermal treatment. 

Dimensions: 43 x 17,5 cm

You can find our MoVeS PearlPack range here.

Reference Description Unit
07-040201 MoVeS PearlPack – Back Wrap 1 pc