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MoVeS Wide Loop

MoVeS Wide Loops are an extension to our Resistive Products range. They are wider than our regular loops which make them better to spread the forces more evenly on the body parts.

MoVeS Wide Loop Blue


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We offer wide loops (7,5cm) next to our regular loops (2,5cm) with the same resistances. Some users may prefer the wider loops for spreading the forces more evenly on their body parts, while others prefer the thicker narrow loops which won’t roll-up while being stretched.

As your supplier for bands, tubes and loops, these wide loops fit perfectly in our range of resistive products to satisfy all users. These wide loops are also multi-layered and available in 6 resistances: from Extra Light (Tan) to Special Heavy (Black).

MoVeS Wide Loops:
High quality, cost effective and easy to use!
Lay-flat-length: 30cm
Width: 7,5cm
One set contains 10 individually packed pcs of the same colour/resistance

MoVeS Wide Loop
Reference Colour Resistance Unit
01-100071 Tan Extra Light 10 pcs
01-100072 Yellow Light 10 pcs
01-100073 Red Medium 10 pcs
01-100074 Green Heavy 10 pcs
01-100075 Blue Extra Heavy 10 pcs
01-100076 Black Special Heavy 10 pcs