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New Arrivals – 201802



Our new range of triggerpoint rollers has arrived in our warehouse and is now available for delivery. Place your order now!

The Mambo Max Ergonomic Foam Roller is a curved hollow foam roller, which enables more exercises. Not only can you roll back and forth, you can also make sideway movements. More muscles will be addressed and your body will be toned even more. The soft foam in combination with the nipples is perfect for trigger point massages. The central groove will reduce pressure on the spine.

Thee Mambo Max 3-in-1 Foam Roller combines 3 different foam rollers in one package. Thanks to its smooth surface, the outer part is perfect for a superficial massage. The second part has grooves which can be used for a deeper massage and to exercise higher pressure on the trigger points. Finally, with the inner massage stick it’s possible to put more pressure on sore muscles to improve blood circulation and the muscles’ recovery time. This last item is available as a separate product too: The Mambo Max Massage Stick.

This new addition in our AB (Anti-Burst) Gym ball range helps users, such as elderly or pregnant women, who struggle with the instability of a regular gym ball. The peanut shape offers extra sideway stability, which gives more confidence to start working out with Gym Balls. The Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball offers a more predictable therapy or fitness training as it can only roll in one direction. This certainly is a huge benefit for children, elderly or people who suffered an injury. In addition, Peanut Balls are very popular amongst pregnant women and are very helpful products during labour exercises.