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Which foam roller should I use?



Foam Rollers
Why and which to choose?

We at MVS In Motion always want to offer you a broad range of products. Not only spread over different categories with different scopes, but also various alternatives for a similar goal. Our first Roller, the Mambo Max Pilates Foam Roller, was introduced years ago. Now, it still stands strong in our product range and is part of a whole family, in varying price ranges. Even though these products are targeting the same goals, they are substantially different. While one user would prefer the Hollow Foam Roller, another one would opt for the low-priced EPE roller.

The best thing about Foam Rollers is that you can get many of the benefits of a therapist or masseur, while the Foam Roller is often cheaper than only one session! Additionally they can be used as a workout tools.

Benefits from foam rolling are:

– Increased blood flow
Muscles stretch and loosen during foam rolling exercises. The applied force will squeeze the blood out of the muscles while being replaced by a flood of fresh blood which carries more vital nutrients such as oxygen and glycogen.

– Improved mobility and flexibility
Better hydrated and looser muscles move past one another with less friction. During a workout, movements are smoother and muscles are less likely to be pulled or damaged.

– Decreased risk of injury
An improved blood flow, mobility and flexibility result in a better coordination of the body. The likelihood of an improper movement leading to injury is reduced significantly.

– Decreased recovery time
Increased blood circulation will wash the build-up of waste products such as lactic acid away. Muscles will get their needed nutrients faster, resulting in a better recovery.

EPE Foam Roller
This soft EPE foam roller is perfect for beginners and can be used by almost anyone since it’s the most gentle of them all. The low price tag will help beginners to take the step to start foam rolling. The EPE material is great for those who are just getting used to foam rolling and want to discover all the benefits related to this activity.

EVA Foam Roller
This harder EVA foam roller helps the athlete who has super-tight muscles that need extra attention or delayed onset muscle soreness. The higher density is more effective at relieving tight muscles and trigger points. A firm roller aligns muscle tissue and breaks up the beginnings of adhesions or muscle strains.

Hollow Foam Roller
This Foam Roller is for experienced users who are ready for plenty of hurt-so-good pain. The material is firmer and the textured surface targets knots and kinks. Some pain while rolling is acceptable, but it is important it stays bearable. The soreness should relieve within 30 minutes, but shouldn’t cause irritation or lasting pain.


Ergonomic Foam Roller
The softer and more comfortable roller: compared to our regular Hollow Foam Roller, the material is more flexible. The Ergonomic Foam Roller is perfect for back rolling as the central groove reduces the strain on the spine. Its curved shape allows for more than straight lined exercises. The scattered nipples on the surface will offer a relieving massage.

3-in-1 Foam Roller
A combination of various rollers for beginners and less experienced users. Three different rollers are available for different purposes:
– Soft Foam Roller for beginners, similar to the EPE Roller;
– Firm Foam Roller for more advanced foam rolling, similar to the EVA roller;
– Massage Stick for targeted pressure close to sore areas.
The Massage Stick is also available separately.

Watch out for these common mistakes!
– Rolling directly on the painful area
Take time and start with massaging the region around the painful area before making larger, sweeping motions.
– Rolling too fast
If you roll too fast, your muscles won’t have time to adapt to and manage the compression, and you’re not going to eliminate adhesions
– Continuing to massage the knots
You could damage the tissue or hit a nerve if you place a constant pressure on one area.