MoVeS F!T Tube

The MoVeS F!T Tube is a high quality tubing created by an intensive dipping process.

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To answer the continuously growing demand for an universal colour, we do provide our dipped, high quality MoVeS F!T Tube in a different colour sequence too. These ‘F!T’ colours are derived from the original colours, but will be applied globally as a product on its own, next to the ‘Original’ colours.

MoVeS F!T Tube is ready to use, straight out of its polybag in a 120cm length with handles. It’s also available in 30m rolls, packed in a great dispenser box. Rotation or Safety Handles offer an unlimited amount of exercises and superior grip.

MoVeS F!T Tube
Colour Resistance 120cm + handles 30m roll
Peach Light 01-210102 01-213002
Orange Medium 01-210103 01-213003
Lime Green Heavy 01-210104 01-213004
Blueberry Extra Heavy 01-210105 01-213005
Plum Special Heavy 01-210106 01-213006
Grey Super Heavy 01-210107 01-213007