MoVeS Tube

MoVeS Tube is a premium quality latex resistive exercise tube. Using the MoVeS Tube for resistive exercise provides positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups.

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The MoVeS Tube is a high quality tube created by an intensive dipping process. The dipping process guarantees a multi-layered tube, which ensures a strong and safe training product. Extruded tubes are very susceptible to damage and can easily snap, this is not the case for our multi-layered dipped tubes. In general, dipped tubes are even more durable than bands, especially when used on a coarse surface.

MoVeS Tubes are available as a ready to use product – 120cm length with handles straight out of a polybag – and in rolls – 7,5m or 30m packed in a nicely designed box.

MoVeS Tubes with Handles are very useful for physiotherapy and muscle training. These high quality and very resistant tubes are created to train all muscles in your body and improve body flexibility. The lighter resistances are perfect for physiotherapy or a light work-out, while the highest resistances will even convince the more trained athlete.

The MoVeS Tubes with Handles are available as:
– a pair of handles attached to a quality resistive tube of 120cm.
– a light set: 3 tubes of 120cm (1x Yellow, 1x Red, 1x Green) + pair of interchangeable handles.

MoVeS Tube
Colour Resistance 120cm + handles 7,5m roll 30m roll
Yellow Light 01-200102 01-200702 01-203002
Red Medium 01-200103 01-200703 01-203003
Green Heavy 01-200104 01-200704 01-203004
Blue Extra Heavy 01-200105 01-200705 01-203005
Black Special Heavy 01-200106 01-200706 01-203006
Silver Super Heavy 01-200107 01-200707 01-203007


Colour Resistance MoVeS Tube Set Light with 120cm + handles  
Light 01-20111  
Red Medium  
Green Heavy